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Yes siree, we’re serious folk here in Bakersfield, Kern County’s largest city. We strive to be Number 1 in whatever … Read more

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The Deutches Windkraft Musuem (German Windpower Museum) has acquired one of the massive blade tips from the giant German wind … Read more

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My historical journey into the deep recesses of wind energy took another odd twist yesterday. I was updating my bibliographic … Read more

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Because of my critical articles on Vertical-Axis Wind Turbines, Wind Harvest’s Kevin Wolf contacted me with background on what failed … Read more

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In mid March Nancy and I saddled up our Bolt EV and headed out to the Carrizo Plains National Monument … Read more

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I fell down another rabbit hole when Klaus Rockenbauer at Global-Windphotos posted images of a group of mystery wind turbines … Read more

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In late January this year, Nancy and I took a 400 plus mile road trip to Salinas, California, the home … Read more

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I’ve been telling anyone who will listen, “No one should buy any passenger car that gets less than 100 miles … Read more

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Our friends organized a group to see a concert dubbed “blue grass and swedish.” The Swedes were bringing their Nyckelharpa. … Read more

Power Plant Near Ptttsburg 1980s

After a four week trial, the jury found the authors did in fact make their statements about Mann with actual malice They awarded Mann $1000 in compensation from Simberg and $1 million from Steyn. “I hope this verdict sends a message that falsely attacking climate scientists is not protected speech,” Mann said.