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We’ve made great strides in moving the electricity sector toward renewable energy. However, transportation remains a major source of air pollution and global warming gases. If we are to make a transition to renewable energy, we will need to electrify as much of the economy as we can, including transportation. Electrified rail is one means, electric vehicles (EVs) are another. Toward that end I’ve created this category under renewable energy. The focus is mostly on our experience driving EVs.

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VIN Decoder for US EV Tax Credits 2023

The Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) that offers substantial tax subsidies for buying a new and used EV requires that the …

EPA Electric Vehicle Myths

I’ve written before about the myth that EVs emit more air pollution than gassers. If you’ve worked in the automotive …

USA’s New EV Subsidies 2023–Take Delivery Now!

I was asked today if the USA’s new EV tax subsidies under the Inflation Reduction Act take effect on 1 …

Update to Solar-Augmented EVs? Is this a Thing?

I took a fair amount of flak for my article Solar-Augmented EVs? Is this a Thing? This was surprising as …

EVgo Plug & Charge Works—Wow

We just tested EVgo’s Plug & Charge feature at a station here in Bakersfield. Lo and behold, it works. Hallelujah–the convenience of a Tesla at half the cost.

Solar-Augmented EVs? Is this a Thing?

Putting solar cells on an EV to augment home or fast charging could become a thing, particularly in sunny places like California.