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We’ve made great strides in moving the electricity sector toward renewable energy. However, transportation remains a major source of air pollution and global warming gases. If we are to make a transition to renewable energy, we will need to electrify as much of the economy as we can, including transportation. Electrified rail is one means, electric vehicles (EVs) are another. The focus here is mostly on our experience driving EVs. We’ve been driving electric since the fall of 2014.


Stop Burning Stuff–Program on EVs at Hart Park’s Nature Center


Paul Gipe

Today, Sunday, 10 September I am giving a program on EVs and why we need to stop burning stuff at …


Tesla secures deal to deploy 20,000 Universal Wall Connectors at Hilton hotels


Fred Lambert

Tesla has secured a deal to deploy up to 20,000 Universal Wall Connectors, the automaker’s clever new charging station, at 2,000 Hilton hotel locations.

Ultium UAW 2023-08-31 161807

GM Ultium UAW battery workers win 25% pay increase


Jameson Dow

Today’s agreement would raise starting pay by $3-4 an hour, representing about a 25% increase. Workers would also get back pay, in the amount of thousands of dollars each. UAW describes this as a “first step” toward improving pay and working conditions for Ultium workers, and vows to keep pushing for more. This agreement is described as some immediate relief while negotiations continue over working conditions.


Replacing the Chevy Bolt Cabin Filter


Paul Gipe

Replacing the cabin air filter in a Chevy Bolt should be a part of “regular maintenance.” One source said the …


Chevy Bolt: How to determine if the Battery has been replaced


Paul Gipe

If you’re buying a used Bolt EV from a Chevy dealer, they should tell you if it’s a new battery …


A Ship Carrying Electric Cars Is On Fire! We Must Run And Tell The King!!


Steve Hanley

As the news media continues to report exaggerated stories about fires in electric cars, we consider it our duty to clap back with the truth. As always, ignorance can be overcome by the application of relevant information. There is no known cure for stupidity.

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