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This is an archive of articles and news on wind turbines developed by and for the nearby community. The community’s participation can take many forms from a classic cooperative to joint ownership. More about community ownership of renewables can be found under Community Power.

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England’s tallest wind turbine prepares to rise against the odds- the Guardian

Low-Income Group Installs 4.2 MW Wind Turbine in the West of England


Paul Gipe

Tom Wall of the Guardian reports (England’s tallest wind turbine prepares to rise against the odds) on a community group …

Onshore windfarms more popular than thought, UK poll finds


Damian Carrington

Some 73% of the British public polled by ComRes support onshore windfarms in contrast with government decisions to block them

Indiana wind turbines slow to protect bats during migration


Wind energy companies in Indiana are attempting to mitigate the deaths of bats during migration season by slowing or stopping their turbines at night.

In Scotland, gusts of wind usher in a quiet energy revolution


Griff Witte

But amid the gale-force havoc, the day also brought a critical milestone in a quiet energy revolution: For the first time ever, the army of spinning white turbines that has sprouted across the lush countryside generated enough electricity to power all of Scotland.

Georgia Mt. Community Wind tops energy production expectations


The Georgia Mountain Community Wind farm (GMCW) announced that its annual energy production exceeded expectations by more than 22 percent, producing more than 33,000,000 kWh of Vermont-made renewable energy in 2015. Energy production from the four-turbine project represents a 37.8% net capacity factor making it the best performing wind project in Vermont.

Annual hike provides a taste of Wild and wind power


Carl Levesque

Make no mistake, though, it’s a real hike, not the cliché walk in the park. The six-mile trip is rated moderate by seasoned hikers, but it has steep uphill and downhill segments, organizers caution.

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