News & Articles on Renewable Energy

This is an archive of articles and news on both large and small wind turbines, wind energy & the environment, and links to topics on the history of wind energy.

I’ve been working with wind energy since 1976 and my professional experience in the subject runs the gamut from wind resource assessment to installing and testing small wind turbines. I continue to follow the industry and analyze its growth and increasing contribution to renewable electricity generation worldwide.

Solar Geothermal Community Power Nuclear Fossil Fuels Feed-in Laws

Feldheim: The energy self-sufficient village

If your German is not up to the article on Feldheim here’s the gist in English. Feldheim is reaping the …


Ontario’s deepening hydro mess

The Ford government is surprisingly unwilling to explore renewable energy projects despite the wide range of options available to it.

Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action

Ten years of the turbine in our backyard has shown we can coexist with wind energy

Germany’s economy and climate ministry today announced a more ambitious target of clean energy making up 80% of its power mix by 2030 – a bump up from its previous target of 65%. Currently, 40.9% of Germany’s power mix consists of clean energy.

The EU energy policy has long been a mess – here’s why

As we grapple how to urgently do something about the EU’s dependency on Russian oil&gas, it is worth reminding everybody that this situation is a direct, obvious result of longstanding core elements of EU energy and competition policy and that as long as this is not acknowledged, it will be really hard to do something about it.

A massive expansion of domestic Renewable energy stops wars, not just climate change

Firstly, 70% of Russia’s state revenues come from oil, natural gas, coal and nuclear energy deals. State revenues fund its military. Secondly, an EU dependent on imports from any geopolitical adversary will always struggle to impose sanctions on it.

Breaking News: Germany aims to get 100% of energy from renewable sources by 2035

Economy Minister Robert Habeck has described the accelerated capacity expansion for renewable energy as a key element in making the country less dependent on Russian fossil fuel supplies.