News & Articles on Renewable Energy

My specialty is wind energy, but I have worked with all forms of renewable energy. Over the years I’ve written about a number of renewable technologies, including solar and geothermal energy. In recent years I’ve focused on comprehensive renewable energy policies that develop a mix of renewable resources. I’ve also written about our use of fossil fuels and nuclear power.

Three Mile Island Nuclear Power Plant, Middletown, Pennsylvania.Circa 1976.

The real lesson about the end of nuclear in Germany–The end of baseload is coming


Jérôme Guillet

A lot of articles about the closure of the last German nuclear power plants have emphasized the cost in carbon emissions of closing nuclear plants rather than coal (more precisely: lignite) plants: see for instance Jean-Marc Jancovici, the highly publicized French pundit.


Finally, The EU’s Market Policy Recognizes Reality


Paul Gipe

After decades of ideological mismanagement of the blocs’ electricity market policy, change may be on the horizon. The EU’s policy has nearly obliterated the continent’s renewable energy industry, leading to the easily predictable–and predicted–dependence on Russian gas and oil. It took the invasion of Ukraine and skyrocketing energy prices for the EU to ask “how did we get it so wrong.”


2022 Report on Britain’s Successful Small-Scale Renewables Program


Paul Gipe

Despite the Tories best efforts to kill them, small-scale renewables have continued to grow under Britain’s pioneering feed-in tariff program. …


Danish Biogas Supplies One-third of Gas Consumption in 2022


Paul Gipe

Denmark never ceases to amaze me. Despite switching back and forth between conservative and progressive governance over the past decades, …


Feldheim: The energy self-sufficient village


Annika Leister

If your German is not up to the article on Feldheim here’s the gist in English. Feldheim is reaping the …


Ontario’s deepening hydro mess


Mark Winfield

The Ford government is surprisingly unwilling to explore renewable energy projects despite the wide range of options available to it.