We have operated an Air Breeze BR0001068 since December 2007. The turbine has performed well without any problems and significantly quieter than previous versions in the Air series of micro wind turbines. The following summarizes power curve measurements on the Air Breeze.

Below is a tabular list of the micro and mini wind turbines tested at the Wulf Test Field and the type of tests performed.

During the winter of 1998 through the spring of 1999, I installed equipment to measure the power curve of first mini and then eventually micro wind turbines. The description of this effort and the reason for the hardware choices made is found in my year 2000 article Testing the Power Curves of Small Wind Turbines.

Doug Selsam Super Twin0010

The turbine had failed sometime in the spring of 2009. We were living in Canada for most of the spring and early summer. When we returned it was the fire season and we didn’t drive onto the site because of the high fire hazard.

Wulf Field Air Breeze 0001

We installed an Air Breeze at the request of Southwest Windpower in mid December. The turbine was provided by SWP at no charge. We are testing the turbine pro bono.

Airxtesting 100x300x200 Jpg

The Air X s/n ABeta004 was installed for noise testing in December 2003. It ran unattended until the fall of 2007 when it failed.

Wulf Test Field Northview Jpg

The Wulf Test Field is situated at latitude 35° 4’20.64″N and longitude 118°23’40.12″W and is at an elevation of 4,600 feet (1,400 m) on the north facing flanks of the Tehachapi Mountains in the Busee Hills.

Whisperh40wulf 100x400x250 Jpg

We returned to the site to remove the turbine for repair. The blades were removed without incident. However when removing the generator-yaw assembly the entire assembly came off in my hands without the yaw bracket. The yaw bracket remained firmly wedged in the tower top. This forced me to cut the conductors to get the assembly out of the way. Normally the conductors are secured to the down tower conductors with set screws.

Selsam%20supertwin%20test Jpg

Selsam’s SuperTwin had operated unattended from March 2008 through sometime in the spring of 2009.