Plug-in Hybrid to the Rescue

By Kevin Mershon

Hearing Kevin Mershon’s story is one of those jaw-dropping moments when you go, “Really. Wow. I didn’t know you could do that.”

Mershon’s a software engineer and one of the hip young people trying to breathe life into downtown Bakersfield. He and several of us EV and Plug-in Hybrid owners in Bakersfield were on a panel at the Beale Library for the showing of the trailer for Scott Dupont’s movie “What is the Electric Car.”

Everything was pretty conventional until Mershon spoke. You know the typical questions you get: Are they safe? What do they cost? Will they electrocute you in an accident?

While on the topic of what you can do with the traction batteries at the end of their lives, Mershon brought up that there are a lot things that you can do with a traction battery that doesn’t have anything to do with driving a car.

Everyone’s heard of how we may soon be able to use our Electric Vehicles as mobile storage systems to stabilize the grid, or at the end of their lives how the battery packs could be adapted to provide in house battery storage for solar PV. But Mershon’s application is truly unique.

Read Mershon’s account of how he used the traction battery of his C-Max Energi to keep his friend breathing through the night: Don’t forget your C-Max Energi.