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My first awareness of the ducted, rim-driven, rooftop contraption called Windtronics is buried in the mists of time. I’ve been writing about Windtronics at least since 2008. None of it’s good.

Titan Atlas Manufacturing also benefited from an Obama-era federal stimulus program to sell five TAM wind turbines to the city of North Charleston. For a time, they were installed on the roof of City Hall. . . But the turbines apparently never produced any measurably significant energy and were quietly torn down at the city’s expense in 2014, a few years after they were installed.

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Alan Grimsley, Director of Business Development of White Electrical is seeking to buy a Honeywell Windtronics 6500. Grimsley wants the device for experimentation.

Honneywell Windtronics Cansia 2011 03 1200x800 04 Jpg

I pay a price for debunking various wind turbine flim-flams and posting critiques on my web site. Consequently, I am cursed to be listed by Google and Indian call centers as the person to call if a dissatisfied owner or investor wants to know how to fix the broken thing on their roof.

Honeywell WindTronics may be dead but that doesn’t stop others from spinning the WindTronics hype.

“The province gave the company $2.7 million to open in Windsor — under one condition. The company promised there would be 200 workers in the plant by the end of this year. That is now very unlikely,” said the CBC.

Let this be a warning to you skeptics, critics, and debunkers of new-fangled wind turbine flim flam. It will come home to haunt you. Are you listening Mick Sagrillo?

Honneywell Windtronics Cansia 2011 03 1200x800 04 Jpg

It was an odd call. An ACE hardware store deep in Michigan called with a request for parts to the … Read more

The true tragedy of this sad saga is that anyone with a modicum of technical expertise would easily have seen that the entire edifice was built upon a fundamentally flawed design with a business model that was doomed from the start.

Despite the promise of a revolutionary new technology for small-scale wind energy, one local company has found the industry’s headwinds too stiff to stay in business. . . Even after receiving millions in government incentives and heady praise for its innovative wind turbine design, WindTronics LLC of Muskegon ended operations earlier this year after its sole-source supplier folded, according to a statement to customers and vendors.