“We as a people have to move from a culture of consumption to a culture of conservation, a culture of consumers to a culture of producers of renewable energy. We have no time left for half measures.”

 ~ Paul Gipe

Podcasts with Paul Gipe

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  • The Uptime Wind Energy Podcast: Renewable Energy Where We’ve been & Where We’re Going with Paul Gipe. November 30, 2020.
  • Plug-In America with Bob Tregilus. Bob Tregilus speaks with renewable energy policy guru, Paul Gipe, about his year adventuring around south central California in his EV. November 30, 2015. 30:51.
  • Harvey Wasserman’s California Solartopia – Part 5 with Paul Gipe. In this last show of the special 5 part radio series Harvey discusses amazing advancements in renewable energy with expert Paul Gipe. California Solartopia co-produced by Harvey Wasserman and KPFK Program Director Alan Minsky was heard on Pacifica Radio’s Los Angeles fm station KPFK Monday, June 29, 2015 through Friday, July 3, 2015. 59:36.
  • Time for Action on Renewable Energy: Paul Gipe on Feed-in Tariffs–In this podcast Paul Gipe speaks at a gathering of renewable energy entrepreneurs, analysts, policy wonks, and leaders from across the globe. the gathering focused on feed-in tariffs as the best means of rapidly deploying renewable energy. It works in Germany and many other countries – it can work in the U.S. too. Recorded by Thomas Schuenema, July 30, 2010. 30:06.
  • The Oil Drum: Wind Power with Paul Gipe (transcript)–The World Wind Energy Conference is just around the corner and happens to be in my home town. I was flipping through the conference program and noticed a familiar name pop up quite a lot: Paul Gipe. He’s written a number of books on wind power and most recently has become involved in feed-in tariffs for wind power in North America. I spoke to him a while ago about how the industry has developed. June 8, 2008.