Windmill Wildflower Hike Video Stars Locals

By Paul Gipe

The American Wind Energy Association (AWEA) has posted a video on covering the 2015 Windmill-Wildflower hike sponsored by the local chapter of the Sierra Club. The 2015 hike celebrated the 30th year that the hike has been held.

The three-person film crew hired by AWEA joined the hike for its entire length, interviewing participants during the lunch break atop Cameron Ridge in the Tehachapi Pass.

The video features Tony Swan, Maria Polite, and Chris Bley. Swan has led the hike for the Sierra Club, North America’s largest grass-roots environmental organization, most of the past three decades. Polite is a local Sierra Club activist and an avid hiker. Bley is co-founder of Rope Partners and the entrepreneur behind InspecTools. Both Polite and Bley have made the more than six-mile hike before.

“Windmill-Wildflower Hike” displays the benefits of wind power

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