Wind Power Plants and Project Development–A review

By Paul Gipe

Wind Power Plants and Project Development by Joshua Earnest and Tore Wizelius is a large format textbook designed for Indian engineering students.

Earnest is a professor of electrical and electronic engineering at the Indian National Institute of Technical Teachers’ Training and Research Centre in Bhopal.

Wizelius is an old hand at wind energy and one of Sweden’s wind energy pioneers. He knows his stuff. Like his colleagues in Denmark, Wizelius’ career has emphasized community development of wind energy.

This is a welcome technical tome–well illustrated with photos and drawings that I haven’t seen in any other book. Naturally directed at the Indian market, it nonetheless has taken a comprehensive approach to explaining wind turbine theory, design, and project development to Indian engineers.

The highest compliment I can pay to any book is, “I wish I’d written it.” Joshua Earnest has taken many of the photos in the book himself and obviously has a keen interest in the subject. I hope I meet him one day so I can personally compliment him on his work–I’ve already told Tore Wizelius how impressed I was with this massive book.

Wind Power Plants and Project Development by Joshua Earnest and Tore Wizelius, PHI Learning Private Ltd., 220 mm x 290 mm (8-1/2 x 11) , 496 pages, ISBN: 978-81-203-3986-6, 2011, price: 995 rupees,

Table of Contents
Preface o Acknowledgements
List of Symbols
Acronyms and Abbreviations
1. Wind Power Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow
2. Wind Power in India
3. Wind Characteristics
4. Power in the Wind
5. Conversion of Wind to Electric Energy
6. Types of Wind Power Plants
7. Components of Wind Power Plants
8. Working of Wind Power Plants
9. Aerodynamic Power Regulation of Wind Power Plants
10. Specifications of Wind Power Plants
11. Electric Power Control Strategies
12. Power Electronics in Wind Power Plants
13. Type-A WPP with Squirrel Cage Induction Generator
14. Type-B WPP with Wound Rotor Induction Generator
15. Type-C WPP with Doubly-fed Induction Generator
16. Type-D WPP with Wound Rotor Synchronous Generator
17. Type-D WPP with Permanent Magnet Synchronous Generator
18. Wind Power Quality and Electrical Generators
19. Grid Integration of Wind Power Plants
20. Wind Resource Assessment
21. Siting of Wind Power Plants
22. Economics of Wind Power Plants
23. Choice of Wind Turbines
24. Wind Power Project Development
25. Wind Power Policy
26. Wind Power and Environment
27. Wind Power Planning
28. Public Perception and Acceptance
29. Operation and Maintenance Issues of Wind Power Plants
30. Maintenance of Wind Power Plant Components
I IEC Standards for Wind Turbines
II Major Wind Turbines Certification Agencies
III Wind Power Plant Manufacturers in India and Overseas
IV Wind Power Plant Component Manufacturers/Suppliers
V Units and Conversions
VI List of Few India’s Large Wind Farms
(10 MW and Greater)
VII State Government Policy for Wind Power Project Investment