Wind Power for the World: The Rise of Modern Wind Energy—a Review

By Paul Gipe

Wind Power for the World tells an exciting tell of hope and promise—how a small band of activists, dreamers, and entrepreneurs built one of the world’s fastest growing and dynamic industries. It’s a must read for anyone who wants to understand how we got to where are today.

I really can’t do the book justice. It has chapters by the greats of wind energy, including Preben Maegaard, Benny Christensen, Jos Beurskens, Niels Meyer, Erik Grove-Nielsen, Henrik Stiesdal, Jim Manwell and many others. If you work in the field of wind energy and you don’t know these names, then this book is a must for understanding how modern wind turbines work the way they do.

The best I can say is that I relied heavily on this book for my own summary of the history of modern wind energy in my Wind Energy for the Rest of Us (available late 2016).

Maegaard, Preben. Krenz, Anna. Palz, Wolfgang. Eds. Wind Power for the World: The Rise of Modern Wind Energy. Singapore; Pan Stanford Publishing, 2013. 676 pages. ISBN-10: 9814364932, ebook: ISBN-13: 978-9814364935, 9.1 x 6.1 x 1.7 inches.

Chapter 1: The Wind Power Story

Ross Jackson

Chapter 2: Forty Years of Wind Energy Development
Jos Beurskens

Chapter 3: History of Danish Wind Power
Benny Christensen

Capter 4: The Aerodynamic Research on Windmill Sails of Poul la Cour, 1896–1900
Povl-Otto Nissen

Chapter 5: Networks of Wind Energy Enthusiasts and the Development of the “Danish Concept”
Katherine Dykes

Chapter 6: Danish Pioneering of Modern Wind Power
Niels I. Meyer

Chapter 7: From Energy Crisis to Industrial Adventure: A Chronicle
Preben Maegaard

Chapter 8: Økær Vind Energi—Standard Blades for the Early Wind Industry
Erik Grove-Nielsen

Chapter 9: From Herborg Blacksmith to Vestas
Henrik Stiesdal

Chapter 10: From Danregn to Bonus
Egon Kristensen

Chapter 11: Vind-Syssel 1985–1990
Flemming Østergaard

Chapter 12: The Story of Dencon
Bent Gregersen

Chapter 13: Water Brake Windmills
Jørgen Krogsgaard

Chapter 14: Cooperative Energy Movement in Copenhagen
Jens Larsen

Chapter 15: The Danish Small Wind Power
Jane Kruse

Chapter 16: Consigned to Oblivion
Preben Maegaard

Chapter 17: Hütter’s Heritage: The Stuttgart School
Bernward Janzing and Jan Oelker

Chapter 18: Overview of German Wind Industry Roots
Arne Jaeger

Chapter 19: Direct Drive Wind Turbines
Friedrich Klinger

Chapter 20: How the Early 1980s Micro- and Power-Electronics Innovation in Germany Revolutionised Wind Energy Systems
Jürgen Sachau

Chapter 21: How the Electricity Feed-In Law (Stromeinspeisungsgesetz) Came to Be Passed by the German Parliament, Enabling Renewable Energies to Establish Their Position in the Market
Ulrich Jochimsen

Chapter 22: Wind, Women, Art, Acceptance
Brigitte Schmidt

Chapter 23: California: Wind Farms Retrospective
Arne Jaeger

Chapter 24: Emergence of Wind Energy: The University of Massachusetts
James F. Manwell

Chapter 25: An American Personal Perspective
Steven B. Smiley and Susan J. Kopka

Chapter 26: Residential Wind by Way of Illustration
Igor Avkshtol

Chapter 27: Wind Power in China: Chasing a Dream that Creates Value
Qin Haiyan

Chapter 28: Rising Wind Power Industry of XEMC
Zhou Jianxiong