Wind Power (2004) Corrections & Updates

By Paul Gipe

Wind Power for Home, Farm, & Business (2004) by Paul GipeWind Power: Renewable Energy for Home, Farm, & Business (2004)



If you find further errors or want to suggest changes or corrections, post a message to Paul Gipe. Your help is appreciated.

p. 24, right column, 3rd para, coast not “cost”

p. 31, International Standard Atmosphere sea-level temp (T) =59F, =15C

p. 35, formula (10+15/2)=15 should read (10+20)/2=15 (I sometimes wonder how these mistakes happen. They’re so obvious later.)

p. 38, Energy Pattern Factor or Cube Factor, delete parens.

p. 41, 3rd para, left column, “the surface roughness exponent is 0.014”, should read “. . . exponent is 0.143”

p. 43, Fig 3-8. The red and blue lines are switched.

p. 56, formula P=P/A A, should read P=(P/A)A

p. 60, Fig 4-5. Furling misspelled.

p. 63, Fig, 4-6. Incorrect percentage in caption. Text should read “Winds of this speed occur 3.35% of the time.” Middle chart, vertical axis should read “Frequency of Occurrence”. The % symbol should be deleted.

P. 72, right column, 4th para, initial not intial

p. 189, Fig, 8-16 Photo caption typo, the (delete e) turbine.

p. 206, left column, 3rd para, delete sentence beginning “In Denmark”. This sentence is repeated in the following para.

p. 213, right column, 2nd para, “average wind speed of 5.5 m/s (0.12 mph)” should read “average wind speed of 5.5 m/s (12 mph)”

p. 295, Sound Power Level chart, should be color coded trend lines. Upper trend line is 1980s, lower trend line is 1990s.

p. 296, left column, 2nd para, “noise emissions were reduced from 97 to 102 to 95 dBA” should read “noise emissions were reduced from 102 to 95 dBA”.

p. 322, spelling error, Pointe-au-Pére

p. 375, Left-hand column last para, OSHA typo.

My special thanks to Dean Iverson for catching an error in my conversion tables on page 397 in the back of the book.

1 mph = 0.447 m/s

p. 400, formula for air pressure should be, Cell C9: +C$8*(@EXP((-A9*9.807)/(287.04*288.15)). See the files below.

  • AirDensitywithElevation.qpw
  • AirDensitywithElevation.xls

p. 403, formula for weibull function with absolute cell references: Cell C15: @WEIBULL($A15,C$7,C$8,0)

  • Weibull Wind Speed Frequency Distribution (wb3)
  • Weibull Wind Speed Frequency Distribution (xls)

Below is an updated version of Cash Flow for Single Medium-Size Wind Turbine (225-300 kW) in U.S. Business or Farm Application (Table 5-2 on page 78 and the stable on page 417). The update includes more current costs, and more current tax subsidy payments, as well as a more accurate calculation of Net Present Value and the Weighted Average Cost of Capital for the Discount Rate. See the Notes section of the spreadsheets for further details. This table should not be used without the accompanying text in the book.

Note that your browser may not recognize the wb3 (Quattro Pro) file. Simply save to your target destination.

  • Cash Flow for Single Medium-Size Wind Turbine (225-300 kW) in U.S. Business or Farm Application.wb3
  • Cash Flow for Single Medium-Size Wind Turbine (225-300 kW) in U.S. Business or Farm Application.xls