Wind Mortality Statistics Needs Updates

By Paul Gipe


July 20, 2012: Note that the article below is out of date. See the most current database for the number of fatal accidents in the wind industry. Below is a summary table from the spreadsheet. Note that there are four other tabs not reproduced here.–Paul Gipe

  • Deaths Data Base (xls)

Several men have been killed working with wind energy in Great Britain and on the Continent in the past three years. Unfortunately, little information has been published on who was killed, when, and what happened.

As an acknowledgement to those who died, and as a service to the wind industry, I monitor mortality statistics worldwide.

However, my database is only as accurate as the information gleaned from news sources and official documents by contributors around the world.

If you have any information about a death in the wind industry or if you know of anyone who has information about a death in the wind industry, please contact me. As time permits, I try to keep the dat

  • Wind Energy — The Breath of Life or the Kiss of Death: Contemporary Wind Mortality Rates (2001 with updates)