Wind Day in Woodstock, Ontario

By Paul Gipe

York University’s International Renewable Energy Academy designated 29 June as the “wind day” on their week-long program.

I started the day with what was supposed to be an hour-long presentation on wind energy at the historic museum of the town of Woodstock, Ontario. With all the questions from the international audience, we ran well over. This was par for the course. The day before the audience peppered Steven Strong, an internationally recognized pioneer in solar energy, with questions as well. (Strong is most well known for putting solar on the White House—both times!)

It was fun to be on the lecture circuit again. I’ve been out of circulation for some time mostly to focus on getting my new book, Wind Energy for the Rest of Us, into print.

This time around I could thump my cane on the floor when I wanted to emphasize something I thought was important.

My presentation is available at Overview of Wind Energy for the International Renewable Energy Academy.