Why We Drive Electric: They’re More Fun

By Paul Gipe

I’ve noted in several articles that electric vehicles are simply more fun to drive than conventional vehicles. Once you drive one, you’ll understand.

EVs, because they use an electric motor rather than a gasoline engine, provide immediate torque. When you push the accelerator pedal, the car goes. There’s no hesitation.

One friend call’s her Hyundai Kona EV “Peppy” because of its rapid acceleration.

I noted in my review of the Bolt that it “has sporty, tire-chirping acceleration. Coming off the dealer’s lot on my test drive I wasn’t prepared for the torque-steer. I thought the car was going to jerk the steering wheel out of my hand. “Whoa,” I said to the salesman. “You have to hang onto this thing.” For many, including me, the car’s acceleration is exciting. It’s not something I use often, but on occasion I enjoy punching it.”

EVs also enable one-pedal driving. “Once you’ve tried one-pedal driving, you won’t go back. As others have noted, it’s the way driving should be. One-pedal driving is when you use the accelerator pedal to accelerate–and decelerate. You use the brake pedal when necessary, but otherwise you drive with just the accelerator pedal–the gas pedal, in conventional cars.”

Driving a car with regenerative braking not only saves wear and tear on the mechanical brakes, it’s like double clutching a car with a stick shift–only without the clutch. You get the enjoyment of driving a stick shift–rapid acceleration and deceleration–without the need to take your hands off the steering wheel.