What is an Electric Car Event at the Beale Library

By Paul Gipe

About two dozen people showed up for the What is the Electric Car event at the Beale Libary. It was at the library and we had free food so I don’t know how many of those were there just for the free food.

We had about a dozen cars, so there’s a dozen drivers there. Leafs, MiEV, two BMWi3s, a Ford, Rav 4, and a Tesla. There was quite a line up of vehicles–the Tesla attracting the most attention naturally.

I’ve been working my way through Scott DuPont’s book and we need to get his DVD up here to show people. The trailer was intriguing and now we want to see the whole movie.

There were some good questions and we did get a discussion going. The best real-life experience story was by Kevin Mershon who may have saved his friends life with his Ford C-max Energi. See Plug-in Hybrid to the Rescue.

There was announced that two L2s were going in across from the Library at the Amtrak station and several L2s going in a community college downtown. Construction on the latter has started.