We’re Back after a Long Hiatus: wind-works is Up

By Paul Gipe

After nearly six months my web site wind-works.org is back up. Thanks to the tireless effort of Matthias Bank the site has been redesigned and moved to the WordPress platform.

A lot more work remains. We’re trying to recover as much as we can. Some of the graphics didn’t make it over and possibly some other content as well. So the site is not fully functional yet, but we’re getting there. Just sorting through my 1,500 articles alone will keep us busy for some time. Altogether the site had 6,000 entries!

If there’s an article that you have used in the past, cited, or directed others to, let me know and we’ll either send you the link to the new URL or try to find it and put it up. The URLs for the new site are more logical using plain text than the CMS used previously which created a numeric code for each article.

It’s been a long journey from the 1990s when my commentary was first hosted by TU-Berlin and posted as html. Then in 2003—two decades ago—I moved the content to my own web site that still required some coding in html. Finally, in 2011 Matthias Bank designed my then modern web site using the web platform Typo 3.

I don’t know what happened, but Typo 3 crashed in September on the German server we were using. It was a calamity of the first order. Much of my work that’s not in my books was on the web site–a 40-year career instantaneously kaput.

But we’re back in business and I’ve already begun posting new content. See Low-Income Group Installs 4.2 MW Wind Turbine in the West of England about a community group led by pioneers in the British wind industry that beat back Tory naysayers in England.

Some of you’ve been hammering me about “new” too-good-to-be-true windmills appearing in the blogosphere. So I’ve made sure Fantasy Wind Turbines or If It’s Too Good To Be True . . . is up. Link away!