Well, What do you say?

By Paul Gipe

Had to run an errand to Rite-Aid.

I occasionally see homeless hanging out there in the morning. It was hot today, 90, so no homeless.

There’s usually some urban detritus on the sidewalk and in the parking lot.

There was again.

But as I walked by I glanced and it wasn’t the everyday detritus. It looked like dried up turds.  Someone had shit on the sidewalk–and no it wasn’t a dog. Dogs don’t use paper to wipe their butts.

I got my stuff and as I was checking out I told the the person behind the counter. I was going to say, “Someone shit on your sidewalk.” I thought, maybe that was too harsh. Then, “Someone relieved themselves on the sidewalk.” That was too namby pamby. I was in a drugstore so I simply said, “There’s faeces on your sidewalk.”

That did the job. She didn’t flinch. (Must be a common occurrence.) “I’ll get the manager,” she said.

I walked out, looked again, and yep, definitely shit.