We Have Books–Wind Energy for the Rest of Us Now Available

By Paul Gipe

More correctly, the Chelsea Green warehouse has books. They arrived 9 November all 2,150 copies.

The books arrived just in time for the gift-giving season. That wasn’t my intent. That’s just the way it happened. It takes a very long time to publish a big book and this is a very big book. The 560-page tome weighs in at 2.9 pounds (1.3 kilograms) and contains nearly 550 illustrations.

Amazon and Barnes & Noble also have books inventory. Amazon shows it has a whopping 14 copies on hand. They must have sold at least one. The giant online retailer had claimed that Wind Energy for the Rest of Us was #1 in new releases a few days ago. It’s now #9 in Books > Engineering & Transportation > Engineering > Energy Production & Extraction > Alternative & Renewable > Wind. That’s narrowing the field down just a wee bit. Of course, its sales rank of #238,650 of all books on Amazon is more humbling.

Both Barnes & Noble and Amazon are discounting the book 32% to $44 USD and offering free shipping. If you live in Manhattan and you order from Barnes & Noble, you can get same day delivery. Now, if there was only someone in Manhattan who wanted a big, thick, windmill book. . .

The book is also available from Indigo/Chapters and McNally Robinson in Canada.

It’s a great relief that the book has been officially launched and the distributor’s metadata has filtered out to all the appropriate retail channels.

More about the book and the four-year effort to bring it to fruition can be found on my web site at Wind Energy (2016). There you can also find a detailed table of contents, a list of tables found in the book, sample pages, a detailed description of the book and how it differs from my past work, and early reviews.