Volta Free Charger Spotted in Santa Cruz

By Paul Gipe

A Volta free Level 2 charge station was spotted at the Capitola Mall by Liz McDannold while on her rounds. Apparently the station has been in operation since the spring of 2017.

Capitola is in the Santa Cruz, California metro area.

The station has two kiosks with one J1772 port each. With such an arrangement, it’s likely that you can get a full 6 kW from each kiosk.

Reviews on PlugShare are generally positive.

Volta’s business model is to offer free charging but display advertising on the kiosk to captive drivers.

The Alternative Fuels Data Center notes that Volta has 188 stations in California with 410 charging ports. In the US, Volta operates 511 stations with 1,141 ports. There are no stations in Canada.