USDA Noise and Power Curve Tests of Small and Household-Size Wind Turbines

By Paul Gipe

The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Agricultural Research Service has a long history of testing wind turbines at its research station near Bushland, Texas. They do good work. They’re fair and competent. Most of their published work can be found in AWEA’s annual proceedings–going back nearly three decades. I am listing two recent papers because their findings confirm earlier work by others and because they are some of the only published papers on small wind turbines used in water pumping applications.

  • Performance and Acoustical Analysis of a Small Wind Turbine Used with a Helical Pump for Livestock Watering by Brian Vick, USDA, 2005
  • Effect of New Blades on Noise Reduction of Small Wind Turbine Pumping Systems by Brian Vick, USDA, 2006