Update on Spanish ReFIT Summer 2009

By Paul Gipe


Hugo Lucas, IADE, provided two updates on Spanish development of renewable energy using feed-in tariffs at the 7th International Feed-in Cooperation conference.

Lucas made two presentations, the second of which provides details of renewable energy generation in Spain, the overcost from the feed-in tariff program, and an explanation of the new Spanish feed-in tariffs for Solar PV.

Of note, wind in Spain, which generated 31 TWh in 2008, provides ~10% of electricity supply. Biomasss and solar PV provide almost 1% of supply each.

For those who monitor the performance of renewable energy in the field, IADE’s data is also revealing. Wind turbines, on average, produced ~2,000 kWh/kW. The actual number for the mature fleet in Spain will be slightly higher as there is about 1,500 MW of new capacity added every year that doesn’t provide a full year of generation. Still, the number is a good fleet average that is useful for planning and is comparable to that found elsewhere, in California, for example.