Ukraine Passes Revised Feed-in Tariff Legislation

By Paul Gipe


Ukraine has passed revised feed-in tariff legislation, joining the Czech Republic, Bulgaria, and Slovenia among former East Block countries moving to feed-in tariffs.

Like other countries, Ukraine’s new legislation has introduced tariff differentiation by technology.

In a manner similar to the old Spanish policy and Germany’s early feed-in tariff, Ukraine’s policy relies on a series of multipliers of the retail rate.

However, to avoid exchange risk, Ukraine’s new “Green Tariffs” provide a minimum tariff denominated in Euros based on the official exchange rate by the National Bank of Ukraine on January 1, 2009.

There is also a domestic content requirement of 30 percent to qualify for the tariff and the requirement increases to 50 percent in 2014.

The tariffs, which went into effect on Earth Day April 22, 2009 apply through 2030.