Transformer Installed at EA’s Bakersfield Station

By Paul Gipe

Sometime in the past week PG&E has installed the transformer for the Electrify America station in Bakersfield, California.

The four-kiosk station has stood nearly complete–less the transformer–for months at Panera Bread.

The station remains offline and the protective plastic wrap, what remains of it, is still on the equipment and cables.

EA's transformer finally installed by PG&E at Panera Bread in Bakersfield, CA.

EA’s bakersfield station’s four kiosks can serve vehicles with CCS connectors for fast charging. One of the kiosks serves a dual role, charging either CCS cars or those using the CHAdeMO standard, such as the Nissan Leaf.

Ollie Danner, a local EV entrepreneur, said at this Saturday’s Drive Electric event in Bakersfield that he’d followed a PG&E truck with the transformer into town to the Panera Bread site.

Drivers using the CHAdeMO DCFC standard should note that the CHAdeMO kiosk also has a CCS cable. If a CCS capable car is charging at the kiosk, the CHAdeMO cable won’t be enabled and you’ll have to wait until the other vehicle finishes charging.