Transfer of Distribution Rights for Gipe’s Wind Energy for the Rest of Us Completed

By Paul Gipe

4 April the transfer of remaining copies of Wind Energy for the Rest of Us to a new distributor was completed.

The poor outlook for books on wind energy in English has led Chelsea Green to exercise its right to cancel its contract to distribute Paul Gipe’s latest tome on wind energy.

Distribution rights and all remaining print copies have been transferred to BCH Fulfillment & Distribution. The books are safely in BCH’s warehouse and BCH has begun shipping books. The transfer has been seamless.

BCH does not distribute ebooks. Distribution of the ebook version has not been completed. Consequently, there may be a short hiatus on the availability of the ebook until a new distribution channel is created.

Wind Energy for the Rest of Us was ranked fifth by sales on Amazon in 2017 for books about wind energy. It was behind books like Wind Power for Dummies, Build Your Own Small Wind Power System, and Homebrew Wind Power, but ahead of more advanced engineering treatises.

Chelsea Green has published and distributed Gipe’s books on wind energy since 1993.