Time Change Works for Me: Fewer Homeless About

By Paul Gipe

The time change works for me. It’s now dark again at 6.00 am here in California when I head out for my morning ride.

The homeless rise with the sun so I encounter fewer of them wandering about the bike path as I race along. True there’s always a few hanging around the lighted parking lot at all hours and I do encounter some looming in the darkness carrying clubs like zombies on the march.

And of course the darkness obscures the shopping carts left abandoned sometimes astride the path.

But the darkness also hides the favelas that have trashed the river side so it’s just me and a cone of brightness that lights up the path ahead like a tunnel. There’s the occasional orange glow from an encampment’s warming fire, the intense white light of a cyclist coming the other way, and the head lights on the pickups as workers on the cross-town freeway cross the path to start their day. Otherwise, it’s just me and the darkness.

This respite is short lived as the days are getting longer, but it works for me now.