Tehachapi L2 EV Charging Station Operational

By Paul Gipe

The City of Tehachapi has completed installation of its Electric Vehicle (EV) charging station. The two, Level 2 EVSEs are located in the parking lot adjacent to City Hall. The station, part of the ChargePoint system, requires a ChargePoint RFID fob to operate, but are free.

Tehachapi’s EV charging station is the first along Hwy 58 between Bakersfield, California and Mojave and enables travel from the San Joaquin Valley to the Mojave Desert and beyond.

There is also charge location at the Mountain Valley RV Park south of Tehachapi off Highline Road, but requires use of a portable EVSE. Mountain Valley RV Park was the first EV charging location in the Tehachapi Valley.

Within days of the station’s installation, a local vendor charged their Ford C-Max Energie.

Only one of the two charging positions is marked with an “EV Only” parking sign.