Taiwan Increases Offshore Wind Tariff 30 Percent

By Paul Gipe


DigiTimes reports that new feed-in tariffs posted by Taiwan’s Ministry of Economic Affairs have increased offshore wind tariffs by more than 30%.

While DigiTimes’s report emphasized the cuts in solar photovoltaic tariffs, Taiwan has substantially raised its tariffs for wind energy.

The new tariff, says DigiTimes, is 5.56 TWD ($0.192 USD) per kWh, 33% more than the previous tariff of 4.2 TWD ($0.145 USD) per kWh.

The new Taiwanese feed-in tariff for offshore wind now rivals that of Ontario’s offshore feed-in tariff of $0.19 CAD per kWh.

Taiwan also raised the tariffs for on shore wind from 2.38 TWD ($0.082 USD) to 2.61 TWD ($0.09 USD) per kWh, an increase of nearly 10%.

Taiwan also offers one of the more attractive geothermal energy tariffs in the world at 4.80 TWD ($0.165 USD) per kWh. Only Germany and France offer higher geothermal tariffs.