Stats on a Star-Crossed Trip: Bakersfield to LAX & Return

By Paul Gipe

I’ve pulled the statistics out of the article Star-Crossed Trip: Bakersfield to LAX & Return and put them here.

The route I took to LAX from Bakersfield is more circuitous than necessary, but I wanted to check the fast charger in Lancaster.

I never fell significantly below my reserve requirement of 20% to 25% on the entire 320-mile trip and I charged four times on DC fast chargers (Lancaster, West LADWP, Santa Clarita).

As seen here, I’ve started recording average speed. As I become more confident with the Leaf, I am driving less conservatively than in earlier trips.

There were two legs of the trip where EVTripPlanner significantly underestimated the amount of energy needed by 30% to 50%. This could pose a problem if you didn’t have ample charge.

Twice while using CHAdeMO fast chargers I charged to 90% and greater. As noted in the accompanying article, this pushed the traction battery temperature into the red. As can be seen below, in all cases I charged more than 80% when I was at a CHAdeMO fast charger. In all cases, no one was waiting for the charger and I never charged more than 30 minutes.