Small Wind Turbine Feed-in Tariff Calculations

By Paul Gipe

Small Wind Turbine Cost Calculations

October 15, 2008

The following tables are provided as a public service. Feedback is welcome.

The technique used here and the reason for the assumptions used are explained in a number of postings on this web site and in my books. Note especially the reports I’ve written for the Ontario Sustainable Energy Association on the tariffs necessary for the rapid development of renewable energy.

The term likely to be unfamiliar to most is the Profitability Index (PI). Explanations can be found on the web and in economic textbooks. There is a tab where the PI is varied from 0 (not profitable or barely so) to 0.3 (sufficiently profitable to elicit widespread investment).

The tables are adapted from the work by Bernard Chabot, formerly of ADEME. I have modified the tables to clarify my own intepretation of the technique. Any mistakes are my own.

–Paul Gipe