Slovenia 2011 FIT Update

By Paul Gipe


By late 2010 Slovenia’s regulatory authority was reporting that the country’s feed-in tariffs had resulted in contracts for 1,100 MW of new renewable energy development, mostly hydro.

In 2010, Slovenia had installed 39.8 MW of new solar PV from 642 installations, 1 MW from hydro, 3 MW from biogas, and nearly 1 MW from a biofuel plant.

Matej Toman told the Feed-in Cooperation Council in November, 2010 that Slovenia’s sophisticated program of feed-in tariffs had resulted in developers declaring 1,081 MW of new projects were in the development pipeline.

  • Hydro: 870 MW
  • Wood biomass co-firing: 113 MW
  • CHP: 61MW
  • Solar PV: 18 MW
  • Other: 19 MW


Toman also said that groundmounted Solar PV projects were now limited to only 5 MW.