Serbia Issues Decree on Feed-in Tariffs

By Paul Gipe


According to English-language reports on the web, Serbia’s government has issued a decree instituting a system of feed-in tariffs sometime this fall.

Due to the language barrier (Serbia uses the Cyrillic alphabet), I have not been able to confirm the reports.

While the duration of the tariffs appears limited, 12 years, they are differentiated by technology and they appear based on the cost of generation. This puts Serbia, along with China, India, Mongolia, Slovenia, and other countries that have recently announced feed-in tariffs far ahead of US states such as California that offer either one single tariff (California) or base the tariffs on the avoided cost of natural gas fired generation.

The Serbian tariff announced for wind energy is quite similar to that recently implemented in Ontario in their Feed-in Tariff Program.

Please forward any sources for details on the Serbian program. Below is a summary of what’s available on the web. Note that Serbia does not use the Euro but that is what is being reported.


  • Wind: €0.095/kWh ($0.14 USD/kWh), capped at 450 MW
  • Solar PV: €0.23/kWh ($0.34 USD/kWh), capped at 5 MW
  • Biomass; €0.114-0.136/kWh ($0.17-0.20 USD/kWh)
  • Biogas: €0.12-0.16/kWh ($0.18-0.24 USD/kWh)
  • Landfill gas: €0.067/kWh ($0.10 USD/kWh)
  • Geothermal: €0.0.75/kWh ($0.11.USD/kWh)
  • Hydro: €0.078-097 ($0.12-0.14 USD/kWh)

Serbia has a population of 7.3 million people, somewhat more than the population of Indiana.