Rooftop Wind Turbines at Montreal’s Biosphere

By Paul Gipe

Recently I visited the Biosphere on St. Helene in the St. Lawrence. The island is just off downtown Montreal (visible in the distance). The Biosphere, a Bucky Fuller inspired geodesic dome was the site of the US Pavilion at the 1967 World’s Fair. The dome was originally covered but is now open to the elements. There’s an exhibition building inside the dome. The building houses exhibition on water and now on energy. There are two wind turbines installed on the roof as shown in the photos below. I couldn’t imagine a poorer location for wind turbines or a poorer demonstration of wind energy than this example of a rooftop installation. The staff seemed happy with the wind turibnes, but maybe they have very low expectations.

Skystream 3.7 on the rooftop of the exhibition building inside Montreal's Bioshpere. There was no wind when this picture was taken.

Unidentifed vertical axis wind turbine. Though recently installed, the turbine was not connected to the grid when this photo was taken.