Rock On! Florida’s Feed-in Tariff Anthem

By Paul Gipe


It was bound to happen sooner or later but it was those rebels down in Gainesville, Florida that were again the first in the US. Of course, they were the first municipality to introduce a serious solar feed-in tariff. Now they are the first to hit the charts with a feed-in tariff anthem.

Gray-haired rocker Ed Regan, otherwise known as the assistant general manager for strategic planning at Gainesville Regional Utilities, likes to belt out a tune with his sons over the holidays. This year the Regan Boys jumped into the feed-in tariff fray with what could become the anthem of the movement.

Here are some of the refrains.

Feed-in tariffs . . .

. . . work in Germany

. . . reduces mercury

. . . access to the grid

. . . fuel diversity

. . . work in Spain

. . . combat climate change

Regan says the tune, like any true rock-n-roll number, is best listened to loud and with good bass speakers.

And I could add, listen with a good beer in hand-and a sense of humour. We easily forget that the campaign for feed-in tariffs should be fun. I am looking forward to the Florida Alliance for Renewable Energy’s March conference.

Rock-on Florida!

Ed Regan’s Feed In Tariff Anthem.mp3

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