Response by Paul Gipe to Dr. David Anderson Renewable Devices Swift Turbines

By Paul Gipe

Dear Dr. Anderson,

Thank you for your correction.

Indeed, rotor diameter is on your spec sheet and it is not 2 meters in diameter as quoted in the Guardian but 2.1 meters in diameter. I have corrected my records and changed the passage in my posting accordingly.

While I have removed the passage suggesting that RD is misleading consumers, I have done so only because I erred in not finding your rotor diameter on the spec sheet. To be fair I removed the offending passage. However, it is my belief that you, RD, its board of directors, and employees are continuing to mislead consumers and have done since I first viewed your site a few years ago.

You claim to have independent test reports for power performance and wind turbine noise that confirm your claims. Please post them to me or to your web site. Note that if you post them to me privately, I am not bound by confidentiality agreements and they could be made public with my comments.

You acknowledge that “no wind turbine is completely silent” yet you continue to make that claim on your web site where RD states the Swift is the “world’s first silent building-mountable wind turbine”. This is a false statement and you have acknowledged that it is so.

As to your crude attempt at intimidation, let me add that I have been threatened by many firms in the past. You join a long list. To name a few: Enron, Ecoquest, and Vortec. I hope you and RD do not follow their path any further. I have noted during my career that reputable companies seldom resort to intimidation.

I made a good faith effort to evaluate your product with the information available to the public. I have corrected my error. This correction does not change the fundamental fact that you are overselling your product, and knowingly doing so.

Further, let me advise you (as I have advised one of your competitors in the US) that in many states here the attorney general has the right to investigate and prosecute vendors violating product liability laws. Your claims cannot be substantiated by the data made available to the public and it is likely they cannot be verified in the field.

Again, thank you for attention to this matter. Let’s hope that you correct your web site and post your supporting documentation. I’d be glad to take a look at it.

The wind industry needs reliable and productive small wind turbines. I hope you and RD achieve that end. If you do so, please let me know. I’ll be happy to add a page extolling the virtues of your product. I’ll add that if I find your independent measurements of power performance and noise up to international standards, I’ll post a link to your data from my web site.


Paul Gipe