Report of My Death is Greatly Exaggerated

By Paul Gipe

The Daily Examiner, part of the Murdoch News Corp empire in New South Wales, reported my demise on 13 August.

I’ve been unable to confirm this because News Corp is hiding the news of my death behind a pay wall. So I’ve written the editor asking him to clear up whether I am in fact dead or not. He’s yet to reply.

During a long career in renewable energy, many have wished me dead. And in at least two cases thugs have threatened my life over wind energy. (It could have been more, but I am getting to the age where my memory is fuzzy about these things.)

To my great dismay, no one has written me to express their condolences. Apparently, I made more enemies over the years than I thought.

But to prevent–to my mind, premature–celebration of my life or death as the case may be, I am serving public notice that I am still alive.

This could all be a case of mistaken identity. There are many Paul Gipes in the world. I am one among many, well not that many, but certainly more than one or two. There may even be another Paul Gipe who is a “wind power advocate” as noted in the Daily Examiner. But it’s unlikely that Paul Gipe also has written articles debunking a pernicious myth about “abandoned” wind turbines in America. That Paul Gipe sure sounds like me.

So as Mark Twain commented to the New York Journal, “the report of my death was an exaggeration.”