Renewable Energy Governance Systems

By Frede Hvelplund, Aalborg University


Renewable Energy Governance Systems: A comparison of the “political price-/amount market” model with the “political quota-/certificate price market” system (The German and Danish cases) by Frede Hvelplund, Aalborg University, 127 pages, ISBN No.: 87-90893-26-3, Institute for development and Planning, Aalborg University, July 2001.

This book is one of three books from the research project, “Internationalisation of the Energy Markets, and its Influence Upon the Danish Energy Policy-with Special Focus Upon the Danish-German connection”. The project was financed by the Ministry of Environment and Energy within the program for Energy and Society, and Aalborg University. In this book, “Renewable Energy Governance Systems”, the new German renewable energy law is compared with the Danish renewable energy legislation from 1999.

The book can also be obtained in hard copy from the author.

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