RENEW Wisconsin Argues for Generic Feed-in Tariff Case

By Paul Gipe


RENEW Wisconsin testified September 25, 2008 in Wisconsin Public Service Company’s rate case before the Public Service Commission (PSC) that differing tariffs for solar PV across the state are skewing the state’s solar market.

Michael Vickerman, RENEW’s executive director, argued that the PSC should begin a hearing on establishing a system of Advanced Renewable Tariffs that establishes uniform solar PV tariffs across all utilities serving the state.

Wisconsin Public Service currently does not offer a solar PV tariff while WE Energies and Madison Gas & Electric do. Both utilities offer a solar tariff of $0.225/kWh for ten years. Wisconsin Power & Light has proposed a similar $0.25/kWh tariff.

The solar market is small in Wisconsin, only 250 kW were installed between May and July 2008, but Vickerman notes that it’s becoming apparent that the growth is taking place in areas served by utilities with a solar PV tariff. Vickerman says that 46% of the solar installations during this period were installed in WE Energies service area.

Vickerman testified that the PSC should institute a generic proceeding on establishing resource specific tariffs across the state rather than on an ad hoc basis when utilities suggest small pilot programs such as those at WE Energies and Madison Gas & Electric. Both programs have very low program caps: 1 MW for WE Energies, 300 kW for MG&E.

For more information, see MJV Direct Testimony 6690 UR 119.pdf