Remote Unlock Using the Chevy App–Know How to Use It

By Paul Gipe

Mike Brigham, a Bolt driver in Toronto, Ontario reports on the importance of knowing how to use Chevy’s App to remotely unlock the vehicle.

Brigham, a savvy driver, inadvertently locked his keys in his Bolt. He didn’t know it was possible but he learned, the hard way, how to do it.

You can’t lock the Bolt’s doors if the remote is in the passenger compartment. This is designed to prevent the type of incident that Brigham fell foul of–locking the keys in the car.

However, this feature doesn’t work if the keys are in the trunk of the hatchback, says Brigham.

Brigham put his keys in a bag and proceeded to lock the bag in the Bolt’s trunk. Later he realized the key was in the bag–not in his pocket. Fortunately, he remembered that GM’s OnStar communicates with the car and that the Chevy App has a feature to lock, unlock, and remote start the car. He called up the app, punched in his pin and selected “Unlock”.

It took OnStar about 20 seconds to communicate with the Bolt, says Brigham, and then it unlocked the car despite that it was in an underground parking garage.

Brigham’s message is twofold:

1. Don’t leave your key in the trunk.

2. If you do, know how to use the Chevy app to unlock the car.