Proud to be a co-signer of the joint declaration of the global 100% renewable energy strategy group

By Paul Gipe

It was quite an honor to be asked to join a distinguished group boldly stating that “A World Based on 100% Renewables is Possiblenow.

In addition to the seven initial signatories, dozens of invited academics and other researchers in the field of energy transformation have now signed the joint declaration. These include American academics and thought leaders such as Stanford’s Mark Jacobson and Tony Seba.

The declaration is the brainchild of Hans-Josef Fell one of the founders of Germany’s successful Renewable Energy Sources Act, Christian Breyer from Finland’s IUT university, and Eicke Weber former Berkeley professor and one-time head of Germany’s famed Franhofer Institute.

It’s a world Who’s Who of renewable energy and energy policy–quite a crowd for a wind geek to be a part of.

In essence, those of us who have studied renewable energy for decades have concluded that we can make the transition from fossil fuels much faster and at much less cost than we ever thought possible. It’s cheaper to do it now than if we put it off any longer. We must make that transition now—not later. As we can see from more extreme weather events around the globe, there’s no time to waste. See our 10 point declaration.