Porterville Electric Bus Photos

By Paul Gipe

Electric vehicle advocate and entrepreneur John Rowell was stopped at the Tesla Supercharger in Lebec, California when he saw a double-decker 100% electric bus parked at the Petro travel center.

Rowell lives near Porterville, small San Joaquin Valley town that has made waves with its plans to convert its entire municipal bus fleet to electric—the first to do so in the country, possibly the first in North America.

For Porterville it pays to be first. Their Canadian vendor, GreenPower Motor Company, plans to manufacture the buses in town.

Rowell saw the bus, recognized its significance, and took a series of photos. He says the electric bus was on its way back to Porterville after a promotional tour of the Los Angeles area.

Porterville plans to buy 10 of the double-decker busses, according to Cleantechnia.

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