Photos of Aeroman Wind Turbines

Early commercial wind turbine developed in Germany by MAN at their plant outside Munich. There was a prototype of an early version on display at the University of Kassell in the 1990s. The turbines were installed in some island applications, at Kaiser-Wilhelm-Koog in northern Germany and California’s Tehachapi Pass.

There were 320 Aeroman’s installed in California, likely all in the Tehachapi Pass, by the mid-1980s. Early versions used a fan tail to orient the turbine into the wind. Later models used a electrically-driven yaw drive. Tehachapi saw both versions installed.

Unfortunately, the turbines were installed on a relatively short tower, though some towers at Kaiser-Wilhelm-Koog in Germany were replaced with taller towers.

The entire turbine and tower made a complete package and the product had a good reputation among Tehachapi operators.

The upwind, two-blade turbine used a rotor 12.5 meters in diameter with a 35-40 kW generator.

The turbine was relatively simple and followed Hütter’s design using an integrated gearbox and blade pitch control.

The turbines in Tehachapi were replaced during repowering in the late 1990s and early 2000s. There were some still on the ground in 2011.