Wine Labels Featuring Wind Turbines

Wine labels often celebrate the local landscape, the paysage in French. So it is fitting that vineyards add scenes depicting landscapes with wind turbines to their wine labels.


Table wine from southern France (Languedoc), Domaine des Eoliennes (Vineyard of the Wind Turbines), with modern wind turbines on the label. The vineyards in this region of the Corbières pool their wines with the La Cave Coopérative. The cooperative in the southern French region of Languedoc began using wind energy when the nearby wind farm Grandes Garrigues de Névian was installed in 2002.


2021 Turbine-anabawines-pinotnoir-sonomacoast

2021 Turbine Pinot Noir from Anaba Vineyards. Interestingly, the turbine shown on the labels is not the kind of turbine that the vineyard had installed in 2010. The vineyard uses a Southwest Windpower Skystream, a small household-size wind turbine with curved, scimitar like blades. The turbine depicted on the label is a commercial-scale turbine.

Here’s a wine from Bezier France in the Languedoc region. The label includes a traditional mechanical farm windmill.


Next is a bottle of Champagne dubbed Cuvée Eolienne (wind turbine).