Chocolate Wind Turbine by Apple Cookie & Chocolate Company

What better gift to give a certifiable wind geek at Christmas than a chocolate wind turbine. I’d thought I’d seen it all, but Nancy (my wife) surprised me again. She came up with a company selling hand crafted chocolate wind turbines, and– not to be discriminatory–chocolate solar panels as well.

The Apple Cookie and Chocolate Company near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania makes a point of selling unusually shaped chocolates. Their home page features a tool box of chocolate tools for example.

They make it easy. You can shop by industry, from Architect, Engineering, and Design to Technology.

Wind falls under Green and Sustainable Energy Industry themed gifts. There you you’ll find a gallon bucket of wind powered cookies. I don’t think the cookies are made with wind, but the bucket has a beautiful rendering of stylized wind turbines.

You can also buy an individual chocolate wind turbine for only $1.69 and order it with or without a colored bow. Now, who wouldn’t want one of those?

The version Nancy gave me came in a biodegradable papier-mâché house. It included the wind turbine, a couple of solar panels, a roll of insulation, and a presumably energy-efficient door.

I started with the door. Yum, as the company’s promotion says. I’ll save the wind turbine for last or maybe just put it up on the shelf with all the other windmills I have.