Book & Magazine Cover Art

Cover art is integral to selling books and magazines as it is in selling most consumer objects. A number of novels have appeared over the years deploying wind turbines in their cover art to attract attention. I’ve had a scan of Blind Fall: A Novel by Christopher Rice for several years. The book was panned and I was busy. So that may explain why I never posted the image.

The photo looks like a shot of the Tehachapi Pass looking towards the Mojave Desert with 1985-era Nordtanks in the foreground.


Blind Fall: A Novel by Christopher Rice

I also came across a whimsical New Yorker cover from 2011. I am not a regular reader of the New Yorker so the humor here was lost on me. I assume it’s a play on the theme of the someone shipwrecked on a deserted Pacific island. The wind turbine must be a stand in for the usual palm tree.