Palo Alto Proposes Limited Solar Feed-in Tariff

By Paul Gipe


Palo Alto’s municipal utility has proposed a limited feed-in tariff program for solar photovoltaics (solar PV) only.

The California city is home to Stanford University and has a population of 64,000.

If implemented, Palo Alto will join other California cities with limited programs with tariffs for solar PV only.

  • Program cap: 4 MW for 2012
  • Project size: >100 kW(AC)
  • Proposed tariff: ~$0.15/kWh (not yet decided)
  • Term: 10, 15, 20-years
  • Distribution grid limit: 15% or requires supplemental review
  • Projects must be located within the city

Palo Alto New Solar Program

Summary of program rules