Nuclear power hearing two days, vs wind power hearing unlimited

By Dick Hill

There is a two-day public hearing underway on Ontario’s Pickering nuclear power plant licence extension.  Meanwhile, the public hearing on a proposed wind farm in Prince Edward County has been going for weeks and could last much longer.  Ontario’s social, economic and political process is out of balance with this glaring contrast.
The Pickering nuclear licence extension. part of a massive nuclear fleet overhaul is high risk and, altogether can cost as much as totals $80 billion of taxpayer funds, whereas the wind farm is both economical and environmentally friendly and involves no capital costs from the public.
On its own, the risk of granting Pickering’s licence extension is huge and indeterminate as historically all Ontario nuclear facilities have grossly exceed budgeted costs and government guarantees are required for adequate operating insurance.  Millions more are required to cover the hazardous disposal of nuclear waste.  Quebec has assessed the social and financial threats of nuclear power and decided not to take the risk.
Wind turbines are economical and risk free with over 200,000 operating around the world as the developer carries all the financial risk and is only paid when the project delivers electricity.  Any wind health issues have not been substantiated as nobody involved continuously with turbines has a problem such as farmer leaseholders and wind technicians working on the projects.
It appears that Ontario’s energy discussion has fallen into the hands of unwary politicians and a powerful few vested interests who have little public concern for the potentially catastrophic economic and health consequence of nuclear energy.
This nuclear power related matter should be reviewed and assessed with similar or even more scrutiny than currently used for wind power decisions.