Nova Scotia Sustainable Electricity Alliance Forms

By Paul Gipe


Nova Scotia’s interest in developing a program of feed-in tariffs has led to the creation of the Nova Scotia Sustainable Electricity Alliance (NovaSEA) on March 2, 2010. NovaSEA’s founding members represent agriculture (Nova Scotia Agricultural College), labor (United Steelworkers – Atlantic Canada), First Nations, a host of national and local environmental organizations, and several commercial renewable energy developers.

NovaSEA is one of the outgrowths of a flurry of activity since an new government took office at the end of 2009. The new government has indicated it is seriously considering a feed-in tariff, especially for community power, a strong interest of Nova Scotians.

This follows the release of the government’s report on the future of Nova Scotia’s electricity supply system, the so-called “Wheeler Report“, for it’s author.