Nissan Leaf Range Calcs from Tony Williams Tabular Estimator

By Paul Gipe

This tabular estimator is based on Tony Williams Nissan Leaf Range Chart. This simple spreadsheet uses Williams’ estimates of how much electricity a Nissan Leaf consumes in level, steady-state driving and in climbing and in descending based on his driving experience.

Please see Williams’ original chart for the assumptions used. In short, the assumptions are level road, windows closed, no A/C, no heating, 20 C.

The estimator is based on chart Ver. 7F.

Users can simply substitute their trip data (miles to travel, ascent, and descent) for those here. The table presents the results as a range of values to reflect the uncertainty of real world use.

Note that I work in Quarttro Pro. The chart has been converted to xls which loses most of the formatting.

Nissan Leaf Range Calcs from Tony Williams Tabular Estimator.xls